You did what on a Friday???

It’s Friday…and I got my Shredding in after work before the hubby got home.  So proud of myself for doing it.  Planned for an off day, but thought since we were getting pizza tonight for dinner, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and burn some calories.  This is huge for me, as I normally don’t work out on Friday’s and ease into the weekend.

Patting myself on the back!  🙂  Just wanted to share while I was still grinning from the pride!


30 Day Shred Level 2, Day 6

Still sweating like a pig, so that must mean it’s working.  I actually look forward to =doing it when I get home and don’t put it off till 9pm.  That’s a plus.   A few thoughts popped into my head while I was working out….thought I’d share.

1)  How and why does Natalie keep her hair down during this DVD?  Mine is up off in a ponytail and I still look like I stuck my head under the faucet when I’m done.  That and the whole smile thing while doing double jump-ropes are kind of annoying me.

2) Is anyone doing double jump-ropes besides Natalie?  Seriously???

3) I am wishing there was more tricep work somehow in some of the squat sets, I feel like my rear arm jiggle hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves.  Thinking of switching to tricep extensions instead of the V raise things in the last circuit….not sure if I’ll do it or not yet.  Don’t want to mess with Jillians master plan.

Off day planned for tomorrow, pre-weekly weigh in, hoping for more than one pound loss this week to help reach my next goal….we’ll see how it goes.

Momma got some new shoes….

I found some Asics on clearance this weekend and decided to give them a try.

I used them on Sunday to workout, and they feel great.  Little pockets of gels can be felt under the heels and balls of my feet.  Very comfortable so far.

Asics Cumulus 9

Asics Cumulus 9

I tried on another top of the line pair, and loved them!  And they come in scarlet and gray…what could be better for a BUCKEYE!!!  I’m keeping them on my wishlist for future goals, like if I start running.  Would love to have them now, and really think they are worth it….but don’t want to spend $140 on shoes yet when I don’t run…at all.

Asics Kayano 15

Asics Kayano 15

My last few pairs have been Saucony Grid Cohesions which felt like I was walking on air….and will still be used for my everyday walking shoes.  I have them in green and pink…but the orange below are cool too!

Saucony Grid Cohesion

Saucony Grid Cohesion

Whew…the long weekend is over…and I escaped pretty much unharmed

Well the long holiday weekend is over.

Here is a summary of the highs and lows I wanted to share:


Friday:Had dinner with family at Tumbleweed for cousins birthday….enjoyed one margarita with my 6 oz sirloin and sweet potato. Delish!

Saturday:Scored at the Old Navy flipflop sale and managed to get away with no visible scars from the mob that was there.   Had lunch at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries…it was great. Fresh meat and fries….not frozen fast food. Grilled out for dinner and enjoyed 4 beers on the patio with hubby & his BFF. High calorie day….enjoyed every bit of it. Slept like a champ.

Sunday:Got Level 2 Shred in, then cooked out again for dinner after the rain. No beers-good girl!

Monday:Went to family cookout, enjoyed a burger, some baked beans and mac salad with 2 beers. Bypassed fabulous looking apple pies.


LOW: Managed to get a disgustingly painful sunburn yesterday, feel like a human candy cane, my shoulders are soo striped from wearing a tank top. Felt like hell last night, migraine and nauseous…..should’ve known not to sit by the pool for so long without sunscreen. Ouchie…lesson painfully learned.

HIGH:Only managed to gain 1.5 lbs…which is a normal weekend fluctuation for me. So proud of myself for not being up more than 2 lbs this morning when I stepped on the scale. I did only get one workout in, but that’s better than none.

Note:Forgoing working out tonight as I discovered blisters on my shoulders after I got home from work.  need to let my skin heal a bit before hitting the Shred again.  Sportsbra would not help the blisters….

30 Day Shred…time to start Level 2

So last night I started on Level 2 of the 30 day shred.  I admit I was scared, as I briefly scanned thru it on Sunday to see what I was about to get myself into.  Knew it would be harder, that’s why they call it Level 2…duh.

I made it thru the entire session, only stopping a handful of times for 5 seconds to catch my breathe.  I did however find myself really feeling my arms and shoulders burn from the strength work, so in some reps only did the lower leg work.  Only felt a little pain in my left ankle (the one I twisted really bad last fall) when I was doing the plank jumping jack things.   I actually really liked the twisting jump thingies and the running knee lifts the best, feel like I am burning calories with those things.  I’m not sure if I’m doing the plank knee twists things right, it seems like I can’t get my knee high enough like the girls are.  Probably because I still have a bulging belly in my way!  I’m working on that….

When I was done, my heart was racing and sweat was pouring off of me but I felt pretty good.  Seemed to continue to feel good the rest of the night, maybe it was a little bit of pride for sucking it up and doing the next level.  Slept like a champ and am considering turning it up a notch and actually doing it everyday, or at least Sun-Thurs.  I was shocked at the measurement changes from level one, so if I do level 2 more frequently, I should see more positive changes right?

Note:I finally got around to posting this…and I did it again tonight!  Woohoo!

30 Day Shred Level 1 Results

Yesterday, I finished level 1 of the 30 Day Shred.  “Officially” you are supposed to do each level for 10 days in a row before moving to the next.  But I did level 1 about 3 times a week so it’s been almost a month since I first started Shredding.

Here are my numbers.

Weight loss for Level 1…..down 4.2 lbs

Inches lost during Level 1…..15.25 inches

  • Waist/Upper Abdomen… down 3.25 inches
  • Lower Abdomen…down 4 inches
  • Hips….down 1.5 inches
  • Lower Hips/Hiney….down 1.25

My thoughts on level 1.  I did the first 2 days back to back…then I could hardly walk for a few days more.  It really worked my thighs and calves more than I expected.  I did it all with 5 lb weights, had to ease off a few reps on some moves as my arms and shoulders were killing me.  I really enjoyed the ab work and could feel myself getting more focused on them as the month went along.   I did girlie push-ups the whole time, but was getting lower and lower each time. 

Realized repeatedly that I need a steel sports bra as jumping jacks were often cut short by having to readjust “the girls”.  Didn’t really have the knee pain I read alot of people experience, as I said I felt it more in my legs.  But even thru that, I always felt great after doing the workout.  I got sweatier in those 25 minutes then I have in a long time and I could feel my heart racing as I pushed myself thru the pain.

So while my weight hasn’t changed much, 5 lbs is better than nothing, I was shocked how many inches I lost.  Especially in my midsection.  I shrunk out of my belt and had to get a “new” old one from my closet…that was awesome!  I have had multiple responses from people at work who noticed that I am losing weight, that always help to motivate me to keep going even when the scale is barely moving.  Jillian is really helping to redefine my body-and I love it!!!

Exercise TV

OMG….i just discovered something wonderful this weekend! ExerciseTV! Anyone else aware of this???

It’s an on-demand channel thru our cable company, and it has a plethora of workouts that apparently rotate out each month. Anything from FIRMing to cardio to Pilate’s to yoga to dance to pregnancy aerobics. I didn’t count but there had to be at least a hundred different workouts to choose from.

I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for almost a month now, but am psyched to see that her other 2 new videos are on there too! I am trying to decide if I want to integrate one of these with Level 2, which I will start this week or wait until I’m done with all levels of SHRED.

This opens up a whole new world of exercise to my weight loss journey! Without having to buy or borrow DVD’s! That’s awesome…and why didn’t I know about this earlier!!! So excited and thanking the cable people for offering this type of service. (Wow…never thought I would be thanking them, normally I would be complaining about the lack of HD channels we have. But not today!)