30 Day Shred…first impression


After a brief hiatus from doing The FIRM step aerobics, I decided to try the 30 day Shred DVD to shake things up a bit. It’s led by Jillian Michaels, the female trainer from the Biggest Loser on NBC. Love her on the show, altrhough I often think I would cry all the time with how much she yells as the people she is training. But she gets results…and that is what I want.

So last night was my Day 1 of Level 1. It consists of 2-3 minutes of mixing various cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and an intense focus on ab work. You rotate 30-60 seconds of each exercise thru the cycles and then switch to another section. It was literally the most intense straight 20 minutes of exercise I have experienced in my life! 

I initially thought 20 minutes, uh I’ll bearly break a sweat. But boy was I wrong! I was sweating, red as a beet from head to toe and tingling from the level of activity she shoves into 20 minutes. I only had 5 lb weights but it looks like they use 2-3 in the video, so I was feeling more a burn from the increased weight, which I left on the floor for some of the exercises. But the cardio is simple basic moves that we have all known most of our lives.
For example…jumping jacks. I probably did my first jumping jack at the age of 3 or something watching one of my aunts exercise. You normally see them used in warm ups so think they are more of a stretch. But Jillian uses them for cardio….now I see why. Take a minute and do 60 seconds of jumping jacks. You will start to feel the tingle in the outer thigh and calf area. Then switch to butt kicks (kinda where you run in place and literally kick yourself in the butt) for another 60 seconds.
I was jumping around like a crazy woman, thank goodness my husband lets me have the lower living room when i want to exercise, because nobody needed to see me doing those moves. But the point is that by the time you do those, switch and do a few minutes of crunches and lunges, and then go right back to another sit of jumping jacks….you feel it throughout your body! I did stop for a few seconds just to catch my breathe as I have no cardio endurance really, but finished the whole thing.
By the time the 20 minutes was up, I turned off the DVD, put away my weights and shoes and managed to lug myself upstairs….I was still really red and sweaty! My legs tingled for probably the next hour! Yeah, I think I would consider that a workout. And I didn’t cry….she was really nice, calm and encouraging. Basically said it wasn’t going to be easy, but it would be worth it. She even smiled quite a bit throught the session. Changed my perception of her a bit, but she’s still a badass trainer!
So as I sit here finishing my lunch, preparing to lift my sore thighs out of my chair to go refill my water bottle….I will never think of jumping jacks as just a warm-up again. My legs know better!


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