Mini-Goal #1 Deadline has arrived…did I make it???


I set my first goal of wanting to lose 10 lbs by Labor Day. It has been 7 weeks since I started this journey, Labor Day is here and I am happy to say….that I have met and exceeded that goal!!! At weigh-in this week I lost another 2.9 lbs which put me at a total of 11 lbs lost! Ahhhh! I know…how exciting right

I was nervous to tell you the truth…the last few weeks haven’t seen much fluctuation but it caught up this week thank goodness. I switched from FIRMing to walking a mile Mon-Thurs so maybe that switch did kick start my losses again.

Enjoyed myself on Saturday for the first OSU game (go BUCKS 43-0 vs Youngstown State) and a family cookout on Sunday. Had a few beverages and some yummy cookies and desserts, up a little bit but not too worried. Started walking 2 miles tonight so i am optimistic that this will help keep me on the losing track.

It’s month-end this week, which means later hours so I am going to bring an extra yogurt and some grapes to help keep my hunger under control when I’m still in the office. Hope to at least maintain where I was this week, but if I see a loss that will be fabulous!

One goal down….3 more to go! Yeah Me!!!


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