Mini-Goal #2 Deadline is here


I did it! I reached my second mini-goal (to lose 30 lbs) on Sunday March 22, 2009! Yipppee! (I know I’m a few days late posting, and it’s not because of lack of excitement…I’ve been sick so give me some slack, ok?)

I was thrilled; I beat my original goal date of Easter by 3 whole weeks to the day! That is fabulous if I may say so myself.

So now, I’m onto the next mini-goal. Number 3 of 4. Unlike the past goal, this one scares the be-gee-z out of me! 50 lbs by 4th of July! That’s another 20 lbs to lose in just under 15 weeks-was I crazy when I got to this part of the timeline? Thank goodness I reached this goal early, I’m gonna need those extra 3 weeks. That averages out to 1.3 lbs per week or 3 oz per day. That doesn’t seem bad right? Right???

But sometimes my body doesn’t play by those rules; I can go for 2 weeks and only lose ½ a lb. Then the following week I lose 1.5 lbs in a matter of days. And that’s eating the same food and doing the same amount of exercise. It doesn’t make sense, but I have learned that’s how weightloss goes sometimes. And you know that being the analytical type of person that I am, that drives me crazy! I have spreadsheets with calories and weights and measurements and a food journal, yeah it’s pretty bad. But that is what keeps me on track. Seeing how what I eat affects my weigh-in. It’s tedious I know, but I thrive on it! Keeps me focused!

So in order to keep on track for my final goal, and to look great at my little cousins wedding (I am Matron of Honor…OMG!), I need to stay focused and disciplined and only allow myself minimal Easter candy this year. That’s means I will enjoy a few Reese Eggs and Cadbury Eggs, but forgo most of the sugary treats that pop up that time of year. Screw the peeps and jellybeans…if I’m gonna splurge…I want the good stuff!!!

Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it!


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