Ouch my ankle!


Well….got my first injury since I started exercising. But did I do it stepping or walking around the block? Nope…did it on Saturday when I was at the Ohio State game! Go figure! Twisted it and it is now as big as I have ever seen it. Looks like i have a KANKLE! Pretty stiff but not too achy except when I try to flex it from side to side.

So I sit here watching The Biggest Loser…kinda bummed that I can’t work out for a bit. Is that weird? For me it seems a little weird! It was just a few weeks ago that I was like kinda hitting a point where I was getting tired of doing aerobics a few times a week and getting bored with the whole being out of breathe thing. But now that I can’t physically do it for a few days…I want to even more! Very unusual!

Here’s to hoping the swelling goes down soon and I can walk normally again. The bruising has lightened up a bit…so at least that’s progress!


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