30 Day Shred…time to start Level 2

So last night I started on Level 2 of the 30 day shred.  I admit I was scared, as I briefly scanned thru it on Sunday to see what I was about to get myself into.  Knew it would be harder, that’s why they call it Level 2…duh.

I made it thru the entire session, only stopping a handful of times for 5 seconds to catch my breathe.  I did however find myself really feeling my arms and shoulders burn from the strength work, so in some reps only did the lower leg work.  Only felt a little pain in my left ankle (the one I twisted really bad last fall) when I was doing the plank jumping jack things.   I actually really liked the twisting jump thingies and the running knee lifts the best, feel like I am burning calories with those things.  I’m not sure if I’m doing the plank knee twists things right, it seems like I can’t get my knee high enough like the girls are.  Probably because I still have a bulging belly in my way!  I’m working on that….

When I was done, my heart was racing and sweat was pouring off of me but I felt pretty good.  Seemed to continue to feel good the rest of the night, maybe it was a little bit of pride for sucking it up and doing the next level.  Slept like a champ and am considering turning it up a notch and actually doing it everyday, or at least Sun-Thurs.  I was shocked at the measurement changes from level one, so if I do level 2 more frequently, I should see more positive changes right?

Note:I finally got around to posting this…and I did it again tonight!  Woohoo!


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