Whew…the long weekend is over…and I escaped pretty much unharmed

Well the long holiday weekend is over.

Here is a summary of the highs and lows I wanted to share:


Friday:Had dinner with family at Tumbleweed for cousins birthday….enjoyed one margarita with my 6 oz sirloin and sweet potato. Delish!

Saturday:Scored at the Old Navy flipflop sale and managed to get away with no visible scars from the mob that was there.   Had lunch at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries…it was great. Fresh meat and fries….not frozen fast food. Grilled out for dinner and enjoyed 4 beers on the patio with hubby & his BFF. High calorie day….enjoyed every bit of it. Slept like a champ.

Sunday:Got Level 2 Shred in, then cooked out again for dinner after the rain. No beers-good girl!

Monday:Went to family cookout, enjoyed a burger, some baked beans and mac salad with 2 beers. Bypassed fabulous looking apple pies.


LOW: Managed to get a disgustingly painful sunburn yesterday, feel like a human candy cane, my shoulders are soo striped from wearing a tank top. Felt like hell last night, migraine and nauseous…..should’ve known not to sit by the pool for so long without sunscreen. Ouchie…lesson painfully learned.

HIGH:Only managed to gain 1.5 lbs…which is a normal weekend fluctuation for me. So proud of myself for not being up more than 2 lbs this morning when I stepped on the scale. I did only get one workout in, but that’s better than none.

Note:Forgoing working out tonight as I discovered blisters on my shoulders after I got home from work.  need to let my skin heal a bit before hitting the Shred again.  Sportsbra would not help the blisters….


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