30 Day Shred Level 2, Day 6

Still sweating like a pig, so that must mean it’s working.  I actually look forward to =doing it when I get home and don’t put it off till 9pm.  That’s a plus.   A few thoughts popped into my head while I was working out….thought I’d share.

1)  How and why does Natalie keep her hair down during this DVD?  Mine is up off in a ponytail and I still look like I stuck my head under the faucet when I’m done.  That and the whole smile thing while doing double jump-ropes are kind of annoying me.

2) Is anyone doing double jump-ropes besides Natalie?  Seriously???

3) I am wishing there was more tricep work somehow in some of the squat sets, I feel like my rear arm jiggle hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves.  Thinking of switching to tricep extensions instead of the V raise things in the last circuit….not sure if I’ll do it or not yet.  Don’t want to mess with Jillians master plan.

Off day planned for tomorrow, pre-weekly weigh in, hoping for more than one pound loss this week to help reach my next goal….we’ll see how it goes.


4 Responses

  1. I do a half pony tail and I’m pretty sweaty afterward, too. I just can’t have my hair completely up cause it interferes with my ab work and inevitably my hair starts sliding out and getting in my face. lol

    I wasn’t able to do the double jump rope until the very end of level 2, start of level 3. It took me most of level 1 to be able to do it like Anita! lol Oh, and the smiles are so fake! I don’t think anyone truly smiles when they are working out! I know I’m not! lol

    I’m with you on wishing there was more tricep work. I have the lower arm jiggle and it hasn’t really improved much either. I’ve been doing Denise Austin’s Pilates for Everybody and that has some tricep work in it as well as some good ab work.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I wondered why she had her hair down too, I have to keep mine up high! I sweat so much. Yes the smiling is too much, ugh. Oh and on the double jump ropes, I do about 5 of them and then just regular, but on the second time I try to do as many as possible, its killer.

    one comment about the triceps, all the plank, pushup etc moves those really work the triceps also, try putting your hands a little closer together!

  3. You are doing awesome!! Double jump ropes… um, NO. I suck at them. And who exercises with their hair down?! That’s like going to the gym with a full face of makeup. ;o)

  4. we haven’t turned the a/c on at the house yet so i’m dripping by the time i get done shredding!! and yeah, i don’t think i was build for double jump ropes.

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