Monday confession

Well it was a weekend full of graduation activities.  2 of my cousins graduated and we had a party yesterday for them.  Which means tons of homemade goodies to tempt this little ladybug!

The things I ate that I shouldn’t have: 4 no-bake cookies and a piece of cake.  These are the first doses of sugary treats that I have had for months!!  Seriously, probably since the Reese Eggs I had for Easter!  It was delicious but instantly I left kinda sick from the sugar rush at the end of the evening.  Didn’t get too mad at myself, it was a reason to celebrate the accomplishments of two good young men. 

Foodwise, I am back on track today and got my daily dose of Jillian in tonight after dinner.  I did notice that the back of my hamstrings were super tight, think it was the yardwork I did on Saturday.  Always seems like I get so much pain from the squating from pulling those stinking weeds!!!  The warmup leg stretches seemed much harder than normal….I could barely get my leg up past my hips!  Kinda ticked me off a bit!  I’m sure it’ll get better with each day,but it just frustrated me!


One Response

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! Especially the whole “no sweets since Easter” thing ~ WOW!!! Good for you!

    I so need to do some yardwork this week, too. Blecgh.

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