Weigh-in Wednesday

Well it’s Wednesday, and that is the day all the ladies weigh in over on the Sisterhood.

WI this morning was at 153, which is down up a bit from my normal weekly WI on Saturday of 152.2 (no thanks to graduation cake and no-bakes).  But this is my starting point for their next challenge which starts today.  I am proudly a member of Team Purple and can’t wait to see what all the new challenge holds for us!

***Oh and hell must currently be freezing over, because I got up at 5 AM to do Level 2 shred because I know I will be at work late tonight and wanted to be sure I got it in!  Was dreading it, but I actually feel pretty good right now…check with me again in 12 hrs and see how I’m doing…that could be a different story!


11 Responses

  1. Go, PURPLE!!! Wow, 5 am, huh? Now THAT’S dedication!! Good for you!! I look forward to getting to know you better and I’m excited about the potential of this whole “team accountability” thing.

  2. Level 2, you go girl. I just started Shredding and Jillian is kicking my butt!!!

  3. impressive! i’m never up voluntarily that early!

  4. 5am!!! You go!

  5. Great job on committing to Jillian! I was only able to make myself get up early once, but I was able to fit it in the other 29 days!

  6. I normally get up at 5am to get the husband off to work and I know for a fact that I could not workout that early!! That is so impressive and shows the dedication!!

    Glad that we are on the same team!! Go Purple!!

  7. That’s great! I got up at 5:45am to workout with a friend. Was kind of nice b/c I felt more competitive.

  8. Just know that I was up at 5:30 shredding also, ugh its early but glad to get it over with. Good luck to you.

  9. Oh my gosh…I try to get up and work out, but I just love sleep too much! Good for you!!! And good luck this challenge!!

  10. Good job on getting them that early. That’s awesome! Good luck in the challenge!

  11. Wow, I am proud of you for getting up and working out that early!!


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