Wednesday Weigh-in Week 4

It’s WEDNESDAY!!!!  That means its time for the weekly weigh-in over at Shrinking Jeans, and I have been dreading this weigh-in since last week when I knew it was going to be a tough weekend filled with temptations!

I am thrilled to say I am down to 147.2 this week!  Thats 1.2 lbs lost….even with the tons of beer!  Woot-woot!  Total loss for the challenge so far is 5.8….2.2 left to get to my challenge goal!

Not much to write, ina  hurry before I head to work.  It’s month-end and closing the books in one less day than normal is keeping me sooo busy.  Good part is I have Friday off….so that’s the silver lining I am trying to focus on whether then how tired I am or how much I am working this week.

Had a party with 33 people here on Saturday, but to my credit I was very good on the food front and didn’t overeat at all.  Had 2 cookies the whole weekend, and resisted the brownies!  I did however have my share (and probably a few of yours) of beer.  Good times but I admit I did feel like crap on Sunday and spent some time in the bathroom.  Didn’t puke though, so that’s a plus!  Crazy how much my body has changed and can’t tolerate much variation anymore, must mean I have made major life changes instead of just weekday dieting!  That makes me feel good.

I only worked out twice this week, last Wednesday and Friday.  This week we have had issues with our koi pond…so that has consumed my evening after getting home from work.  We have lost 7 fish in the last week!  One to a crane and the other to something in the water I think.  Had the water tested, only thing that came back high was the alkalinity was up a touch, so got some treatment yesterday and put in another aerator to get more oxygen introduced in case that was the issue. 

Next week…hope to see another pound down.  Saturday is the day I was planning to be at the 50 lb mark….however that doesn’t seem realistic now.  But I’ll take 45!



6 Responses

  1. Awesome! Great work!!! Sounds like we both handled the challenges of the weekend quite well! Go PURPLE!!

  2. congrats on the loss! 🙂 imagine how well you’ll do next week minus all the beer!!

  3. I just looked at your ticker tape on the right side and see that you have lost a TON of weight. That is AWESOME. Congrats.

    I find it so hard to control my eating when I am hosting a group of people. I find myself picking up a chip here, a drink there, a cookie when I pass by and before you know it, I have eaten way more than I thought I did.

    Good job!

  4. Congrats on your loss and even more congrats on doing so well the last 4 weeks!! Looks like you’ll be reaching your goal and then some by the end of 7 weeks!!

  5. That’s a great loss! Especially if there’s beer involved!! Great job!!

  6. Wow! Two days of exercise, beer and still a loss? That is impressive.

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