Where have you been ladybug?

It’s been a crazy week, haven’t even had time to update about my weigh-in this week….which was up .4 in case you are wondering. I had a wedding and baby shower this weekend and caved to some sweets and rich foods. Sorry purple team-wish I could have posted a loss for the final weigh-in!

I am soo tried and hardly have had any sleep this week. We are having plumbing issues at home, had to get the septic tank pumped $$$ and now a plumber is coming today (hopefully) to figure out why nothing is draining into the now empty septic tank (hoping he doesn’t find more problems and not too many $$$ will be handed to him). Had to go to family’s homes for showers and use a cup to brush our teeth and toss it outside…so inconvenient and annoying. Hard to sleep when you are worrying about “poo sludge” coming up thru the floor drain right?

Anywho, maybe no-one has even noticed I haven’t posted anything for a while, but just wanted to let the world know I am still around, doing ok and almost losing my mind at the same time. Hope to get back on track with exercising and watching the scale go down again…once all the madness settles!

I did want to thank my purple teammates, each of them dealt with their own struggles during this challenge and I think it’s a great thing that we all ended the challenge lighter than when we started. Maybe we weren’t the biggest shrinkers…but we did indeed shrink so I am proud of us for that. They are all strong and witty women who have a lot of balls in the air and children to go with them! Thanks for being a positive influence on my weight loss and bringing me a chuckle and smile from day to day!


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  1. of course you were missed! sorry to hear that you’re having plumbing issues. 😦 sounds yucky and expensive!

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