I’m a winner…and I never said thank you!

A few weeks back I won a prize from Shrinking Jeans on one of the Wednesday WI’s.  I got it in the mail a  few weeks ago, and never got around to posting about it.  Yippee…so excited!  never won anything from an online contest before!


I got the Lite ‘N Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny book from Plain White Press.  It is pretty witty and has made me chuckle several times since I opened the package.  It’s got places to journal and track your daily progress, but I have to admit I like the snarky phrases  and jokes in between the best.  Gives you a new outlook on some things.

My favorite is: “Inside every thin person is a fat person waiting to get out and ruin your life.”

So thank you Shrinking Jeans and Plain White Press!  I appreciate it!


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  1. Glad you are enjoying it!

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