True Confessions Monday

Well it was a long weekend…and I need to get some things off my chest that are weighing “heavily” on me.  Thank goodness I’m not the only one, Lisa over at The Sisterhood of the Skrinking Jeans had the urge to confess too….and the masses I’m sure are thankful she started it!

So here goes…

1)  I haven’t exercised since last last Friday.  Not 3 days ago Friday…10 days ago Friday.  Started up again tonight and maybe it was just me but it seemed like my jiggle was much more jiggly than normal.  Had alot of stuff going on with work and had to get ready for the 4th and had a long week…blah blah blah.

2) I drank 3 beers on Friday night before walking a mile to watch fireworks.  That counts as exercise right?

3) Didn’t drink on the 4th of July, instead helped myself to a small piece of texas sheetcake, a cookie, a hamburger, some oriental salad and ranch pasta salad, cheesy potatoes (damn you cheesy potatoes!!!) and lots of diet Pepsi max

4) I missed my next weightloss goal. I had planned to lose 50 lbs, but on that morning I had only lost like 42ish.  Moving it out to Labor Day and praying I beat that one with time to spare.

5)  I did wear my bathing suit on the 4th, however it was too cold to get in the water.  Which I am kind of happy about because I wasn’t feeling all that hot in my striped bikini.  Even if I had met my goal, i don’t think I would have felt comfortable, I feel like I have soooo far to go.  Will I ever look like I want to in a bathing suit?  I know I should be happy that I have come so far, but this weekend and the weakness that I showed, makes me feel like I failed, even if it’s in a small way.

So that kinda sums how I am feeling on this Monday…a mixture of dissapointment and bloat.  Hope it doesn’t smack me in the face on Wednesdays weigh-in.


Wednesday Weigh-in Week 4

It’s WEDNESDAY!!!!  That means its time for the weekly weigh-in over at Shrinking Jeans, and I have been dreading this weigh-in since last week when I knew it was going to be a tough weekend filled with temptations!

I am thrilled to say I am down to 147.2 this week!  Thats 1.2 lbs lost….even with the tons of beer!  Woot-woot!  Total loss for the challenge so far is 5.8….2.2 left to get to my challenge goal!

Not much to write, ina  hurry before I head to work.  It’s month-end and closing the books in one less day than normal is keeping me sooo busy.  Good part is I have Friday off….so that’s the silver lining I am trying to focus on whether then how tired I am or how much I am working this week.

Had a party with 33 people here on Saturday, but to my credit I was very good on the food front and didn’t overeat at all.  Had 2 cookies the whole weekend, and resisted the brownies!  I did however have my share (and probably a few of yours) of beer.  Good times but I admit I did feel like crap on Sunday and spent some time in the bathroom.  Didn’t puke though, so that’s a plus!  Crazy how much my body has changed and can’t tolerate much variation anymore, must mean I have made major life changes instead of just weekday dieting!  That makes me feel good.

I only worked out twice this week, last Wednesday and Friday.  This week we have had issues with our koi pond…so that has consumed my evening after getting home from work.  We have lost 7 fish in the last week!  One to a crane and the other to something in the water I think.  Had the water tested, only thing that came back high was the alkalinity was up a touch, so got some treatment yesterday and put in another aerator to get more oxygen introduced in case that was the issue. 

Next week…hope to see another pound down.  Saturday is the day I was planning to be at the 50 lb mark….however that doesn’t seem realistic now.  But I’ll take 45!


Uh oh…it’s gonna be a tough weekend!

Well here we are at the first real challenging weekend of summer! We are having a friends 50th birthday party at our house on Saturday night. I’m trying to plan ahead and think how I am going to control myself and not go overboard on food or alcohol in order to still post a loss for next week for my purple team.

Here are my thoughts….

1)  It isn’t until 5PM. I could have a light breakfast and maybe just fruit for lunch or something…want to try to keep it under 500 calories if possible. Most of the cleaning and prep will be done tonight, so not like I will be exerting much energy getting ready for the festivities.

2)  We will be grilling out (burgers, Italian sausage and hotdogs) and people are bringing sides. Can I resist the taco dip and cheesy potatoes??? I can always have a bunless burger in order to save a few hundred calories on carbs I really don’t need anyway and stick with the baked beans and veggies.

3)  Alcohol…oh glorious alcohol! I plan on consuming some several beverages, but I am trying to think what would be the best for me to drink. Might try some MGD64 to keep the calories about half of the 110 calories BudLight sticks to me. But then I am tossing around the idea of getting some cheap vodka that I can mix with diet Sunkist soda to make some refreshing cocktails.

4)  There will be no birthday cake, but some people are bringing dessert. I just am praying it’s something I don’t like so I won’t be tempted to munch every time I walk by the kitchen. (like the no-bake cookies at the graduation party last month). Come on pies….or double chocolate cookies….I can resist you guys easily!

I guess my fear is that I am going into this weekend at the lightest weight I have been since early 2004. I am 3 lbs away from weighing what I did when we got married almost 5 years ago. I “feel” less of my body when I touch my hips and am starting to loose the first trimester pregnancy look that I seem to have had since I became an adult (even though I have never been preggers).   And now I am questioning if I am strong enough to resist some tasty refried beans topped with creamy sour cream and fancy shredded cheese on delicious golden tortilla chips Taco Dip??? Will not always having a frosty beverage in my hand while chilling with my friends make me have a horrible night? No it won’t, but my warped sense of thinking has already kind of set myself up for some sort of failure.

Does anyone else do this….it’s almost like self sabotage! I felt so good having posted a 2.6 lb loss this week and now I am preparing myself for seeing a gain next week, even before the festivities begin? I don’t think so sister!!! I am going to make sure that I am always carrying a bottle of water with me and follow the rule of having a bottle of water in between every alcoholic one that I partake in. I will not deprive myself of trying some of the tasty treats, I just will use a smaller plate so I can’t present the temptation to overeat. Gonna play some corn hole/beanbags and enjoy the company of my houseguests…that should keep my focus away from the food!

At least that’s the plan for now…ask me again on Sunday how it went!

You did what on a Friday???

It’s Friday…and I got my Shredding in after work before the hubby got home.  So proud of myself for doing it.  Planned for an off day, but thought since we were getting pizza tonight for dinner, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and burn some calories.  This is huge for me, as I normally don’t work out on Friday’s and ease into the weekend.

Patting myself on the back!  🙂  Just wanted to share while I was still grinning from the pride!

Whew…the long weekend is over…and I escaped pretty much unharmed

Well the long holiday weekend is over.

Here is a summary of the highs and lows I wanted to share:


Friday:Had dinner with family at Tumbleweed for cousins birthday….enjoyed one margarita with my 6 oz sirloin and sweet potato. Delish!

Saturday:Scored at the Old Navy flipflop sale and managed to get away with no visible scars from the mob that was there.   Had lunch at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries…it was great. Fresh meat and fries….not frozen fast food. Grilled out for dinner and enjoyed 4 beers on the patio with hubby & his BFF. High calorie day….enjoyed every bit of it. Slept like a champ.

Sunday:Got Level 2 Shred in, then cooked out again for dinner after the rain. No beers-good girl!

Monday:Went to family cookout, enjoyed a burger, some baked beans and mac salad with 2 beers. Bypassed fabulous looking apple pies.


LOW: Managed to get a disgustingly painful sunburn yesterday, feel like a human candy cane, my shoulders are soo striped from wearing a tank top. Felt like hell last night, migraine and nauseous…..should’ve known not to sit by the pool for so long without sunscreen. Ouchie…lesson painfully learned.

HIGH:Only managed to gain 1.5 lbs…which is a normal weekend fluctuation for me. So proud of myself for not being up more than 2 lbs this morning when I stepped on the scale. I did only get one workout in, but that’s better than none.

Note:Forgoing working out tonight as I discovered blisters on my shoulders after I got home from work.  need to let my skin heal a bit before hitting the Shred again.  Sportsbra would not help the blisters….

Ouch my ankle!


Well….got my first injury since I started exercising. But did I do it stepping or walking around the block? Nope…did it on Saturday when I was at the Ohio State game! Go figure! Twisted it and it is now as big as I have ever seen it. Looks like i have a KANKLE! Pretty stiff but not too achy except when I try to flex it from side to side.

So I sit here watching The Biggest Loser…kinda bummed that I can’t work out for a bit. Is that weird? For me it seems a little weird! It was just a few weeks ago that I was like kinda hitting a point where I was getting tired of doing aerobics a few times a week and getting bored with the whole being out of breathe thing. But now that I can’t physically do it for a few days…I want to even more! Very unusual!

Here’s to hoping the swelling goes down soon and I can walk normally again. The bruising has lightened up a bit…so at least that’s progress!