True Confessions Monday

Well it was a long weekend…and I need to get some things off my chest that are weighing “heavily” on me.  Thank goodness I’m not the only one, Lisa over at The Sisterhood of the Skrinking Jeans had the urge to confess too….and the masses I’m sure are thankful she started it!

So here goes…

1)  I haven’t exercised since last last Friday.  Not 3 days ago Friday…10 days ago Friday.  Started up again tonight and maybe it was just me but it seemed like my jiggle was much more jiggly than normal.  Had alot of stuff going on with work and had to get ready for the 4th and had a long week…blah blah blah.

2) I drank 3 beers on Friday night before walking a mile to watch fireworks.  That counts as exercise right?

3) Didn’t drink on the 4th of July, instead helped myself to a small piece of texas sheetcake, a cookie, a hamburger, some oriental salad and ranch pasta salad, cheesy potatoes (damn you cheesy potatoes!!!) and lots of diet Pepsi max

4) I missed my next weightloss goal. I had planned to lose 50 lbs, but on that morning I had only lost like 42ish.  Moving it out to Labor Day and praying I beat that one with time to spare.

5)  I did wear my bathing suit on the 4th, however it was too cold to get in the water.  Which I am kind of happy about because I wasn’t feeling all that hot in my striped bikini.  Even if I had met my goal, i don’t think I would have felt comfortable, I feel like I have soooo far to go.  Will I ever look like I want to in a bathing suit?  I know I should be happy that I have come so far, but this weekend and the weakness that I showed, makes me feel like I failed, even if it’s in a small way.

So that kinda sums how I am feeling on this Monday…a mixture of dissapointment and bloat.  Hope it doesn’t smack me in the face on Wednesdays weigh-in.


30 Day Shred Level 2 Results

I finished level 2 of the 30 Day Shred a few days ago and thought I would update you on where I am.  This level got done in 2 weeks versus the month the first level did…so that was a plus!  Averaged doing it 4-5 times a week and at least once on the weekend.

Well here are my numbers from level 2.

Weight loss for Level 2…..down 2.6 lbs

Inches gained during Level 2…..1.75 inches

  • Waist/Upper Abdomen… down .25 inch
  • Lower Abdomen…up 1 inch
  • Hips….no change
  • Lower Hips/Hiney….up 1.5 inches

(Pictures will be updated in the Photos Page soon)

WTF!!!  yeah, I know that I feel like I have a little less jiggle, and that I did this in half the time that I did the first phase, but I really didn’t think I would gain inches!!!  URGH!

My thoughts on level 2.  I loved the oblique twists, leg lift crunch combo, plank jumps and stationary lunges.  I HATED the pendulum lunges and plank lunges!  I got a bad sunburn about half way thru the second half which made using my weights very painful rubbing against my sportsbra.  So I didn’t use them for much and maybe that is why I haven’t lost any inches.

I am proud of myself for finishing level 2 and I feel stronger than I did for level 1.  Every time I did Level 2 I felt more energized afterwards.  It seems like there was more ab work in the form of planks and less cardio than in Level 1, but I sweat like a pig every workout.  Every.Single.Workout.I.Sweat.Like.A.Pig!!!  That’s a good thing!

My hopes for level 3, which I started today is to finish it in less than 2 weeks again.  I hope I notice a difference in my belly bulge that doesn’t seem to have changed much during this level.    I also plan to try to use my weights for the whole thing, obviously I have proven to myself that weight training does melt inches!

Monday confession

Well it was a weekend full of graduation activities.  2 of my cousins graduated and we had a party yesterday for them.  Which means tons of homemade goodies to tempt this little ladybug!

The things I ate that I shouldn’t have: 4 no-bake cookies and a piece of cake.  These are the first doses of sugary treats that I have had for months!!  Seriously, probably since the Reese Eggs I had for Easter!  It was delicious but instantly I left kinda sick from the sugar rush at the end of the evening.  Didn’t get too mad at myself, it was a reason to celebrate the accomplishments of two good young men. 

Foodwise, I am back on track today and got my daily dose of Jillian in tonight after dinner.  I did notice that the back of my hamstrings were super tight, think it was the yardwork I did on Saturday.  Always seems like I get so much pain from the squating from pulling those stinking weeds!!!  The warmup leg stretches seemed much harder than normal….I could barely get my leg up past my hips!  Kinda ticked me off a bit!  I’m sure it’ll get better with each day,but it just frustrated me!

Whew…the long weekend is over…and I escaped pretty much unharmed

Well the long holiday weekend is over.

Here is a summary of the highs and lows I wanted to share:


Friday:Had dinner with family at Tumbleweed for cousins birthday….enjoyed one margarita with my 6 oz sirloin and sweet potato. Delish!

Saturday:Scored at the Old Navy flipflop sale and managed to get away with no visible scars from the mob that was there.   Had lunch at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries…it was great. Fresh meat and fries….not frozen fast food. Grilled out for dinner and enjoyed 4 beers on the patio with hubby & his BFF. High calorie day….enjoyed every bit of it. Slept like a champ.

Sunday:Got Level 2 Shred in, then cooked out again for dinner after the rain. No beers-good girl!

Monday:Went to family cookout, enjoyed a burger, some baked beans and mac salad with 2 beers. Bypassed fabulous looking apple pies.


LOW: Managed to get a disgustingly painful sunburn yesterday, feel like a human candy cane, my shoulders are soo striped from wearing a tank top. Felt like hell last night, migraine and nauseous…..should’ve known not to sit by the pool for so long without sunscreen. Ouchie…lesson painfully learned.

HIGH:Only managed to gain 1.5 lbs…which is a normal weekend fluctuation for me. So proud of myself for not being up more than 2 lbs this morning when I stepped on the scale. I did only get one workout in, but that’s better than none.

Note:Forgoing working out tonight as I discovered blisters on my shoulders after I got home from work.  need to let my skin heal a bit before hitting the Shred again.  Sportsbra would not help the blisters….

I am a fat girl


Yep, it’s true…I am calling myself fat. No longer will I refer to myself as fluffy, chubby or chunky girl….I have become obese. So I have decided that now is the time to get back on track and start paying attention to myself and what type of person I am becoming. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have always had issues with my weight. It has been a year since I quit watching what I was eating and started letting everything go right into my mouth. All forms of physical activity besides walking to the fridge and into the office have vanished from my weekkly schedule. Its really sad, but I am tired of feeling out of breathe and embarassed in my clothes which have become visibly tighter.

So I am trying to stick to a clean eating program and get my body back in gear by doing the FIRM videos and starting to walk our block again. It’s almost a perfect mile around our cirlce and about a year ago before I stopped giving 2 shits I was up to walking 2 miles a few times a week.

My long and short term goals are as follows:

Lose 10 lbs by Labor Day Weekend

Lose 25 lbs by Christmas

Lose 50 lbs by Memorial Day Weekend

Lose 60 lbs by my 32nd birthday (July) and wear a bikini in public next summer

I know I can do this, I have done it before with focus and determination. I remember how good it felt when I saw my body tightening up and the lbs melting away. It didn’t get here over night and I know it isn’t going away overnight so I need to keep positive that I can and will do it. This time is for good….I have too much of my life left to spend it unhappy with myself.