Mini-Goal #2 Deadline is here


I did it! I reached my second mini-goal (to lose 30 lbs) on Sunday March 22, 2009! Yipppee! (I know I’m a few days late posting, and it’s not because of lack of excitement…I’ve been sick so give me some slack, ok?)

I was thrilled; I beat my original goal date of Easter by 3 whole weeks to the day! That is fabulous if I may say so myself.

So now, I’m onto the next mini-goal. Number 3 of 4. Unlike the past goal, this one scares the be-gee-z out of me! 50 lbs by 4th of July! That’s another 20 lbs to lose in just under 15 weeks-was I crazy when I got to this part of the timeline? Thank goodness I reached this goal early, I’m gonna need those extra 3 weeks. That averages out to 1.3 lbs per week or 3 oz per day. That doesn’t seem bad right? Right???

But sometimes my body doesn’t play by those rules; I can go for 2 weeks and only lose ½ a lb. Then the following week I lose 1.5 lbs in a matter of days. And that’s eating the same food and doing the same amount of exercise. It doesn’t make sense, but I have learned that’s how weightloss goes sometimes. And you know that being the analytical type of person that I am, that drives me crazy! I have spreadsheets with calories and weights and measurements and a food journal, yeah it’s pretty bad. But that is what keeps me on track. Seeing how what I eat affects my weigh-in. It’s tedious I know, but I thrive on it! Keeps me focused!

So in order to keep on track for my final goal, and to look great at my little cousins wedding (I am Matron of Honor…OMG!), I need to stay focused and disciplined and only allow myself minimal Easter candy this year. That’s means I will enjoy a few Reese Eggs and Cadbury Eggs, but forgo most of the sugary treats that pop up that time of year. Screw the peeps and jellybeans…if I’m gonna splurge…I want the good stuff!!!

Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it!


Weightloss Update


Most of you know, that I have been following a low-carb lifestyle since Jan. 5th. Basically cut out all bread, potatoes, sugar, milk, rice and pasta and fruit from my diet. Stuck with this everyday, even the weekends, with the exception of the last 2 weekend when I enjoyed a sub and some pizza. (BTW…it was better than I remember it tasting now that I am not having it every other day)

Results…..I’m down 15 lbs so far in 2009! Woo-freakin-hoo!!! I had lost 9 lbs in 2008 since my birthday in July, lost a little more but then put a few back on the end of the year so net loss was 9. So total loss is 24 lbs. My next goal was to be at 30 lbs by Easter, so I am on my way.

I’m thinking of switching things up a little bit and starting to integrate fruits and more dairy back into my eating, and eat less meat proteins. So I’m going to start following the Fat Smash eating plan, which is fruits/veggies and skim milk/low fat yogurt and beans. Going to switch my proteins from meat to beans for a bit and see how that affects my system.

This happened when I was doing weight watchers. Good losses and then little to nothing for a few weeks. I would alternate between reg points plan, WENDIE plan and CORE. Sometimes your body gets used to what you are eating and you need to shock it back into weight loss mode. So this is my attempt at doing that. Still going to keep breads, potatoes and added sugars out of my eating for a while, since that is best with my families history of diabetes.

6 more weeks till Easter….I’m going to reach my goal of losing 30 lbs! Mark my word!!! 🙂

Mini-Goal #1 Deadline has arrived…did I make it???


I set my first goal of wanting to lose 10 lbs by Labor Day. It has been 7 weeks since I started this journey, Labor Day is here and I am happy to say….that I have met and exceeded that goal!!! At weigh-in this week I lost another 2.9 lbs which put me at a total of 11 lbs lost! Ahhhh! I know…how exciting right

I was nervous to tell you the truth…the last few weeks haven’t seen much fluctuation but it caught up this week thank goodness. I switched from FIRMing to walking a mile Mon-Thurs so maybe that switch did kick start my losses again.

Enjoyed myself on Saturday for the first OSU game (go BUCKS 43-0 vs Youngstown State) and a family cookout on Sunday. Had a few beverages and some yummy cookies and desserts, up a little bit but not too worried. Started walking 2 miles tonight so i am optimistic that this will help keep me on the losing track.

It’s month-end this week, which means later hours so I am going to bring an extra yogurt and some grapes to help keep my hunger under control when I’m still in the office. Hope to at least maintain where I was this week, but if I see a loss that will be fabulous!

One goal down….3 more to go! Yeah Me!!!

I am a fat girl


Yep, it’s true…I am calling myself fat. No longer will I refer to myself as fluffy, chubby or chunky girl….I have become obese. So I have decided that now is the time to get back on track and start paying attention to myself and what type of person I am becoming. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have always had issues with my weight. It has been a year since I quit watching what I was eating and started letting everything go right into my mouth. All forms of physical activity besides walking to the fridge and into the office have vanished from my weekkly schedule. Its really sad, but I am tired of feeling out of breathe and embarassed in my clothes which have become visibly tighter.

So I am trying to stick to a clean eating program and get my body back in gear by doing the FIRM videos and starting to walk our block again. It’s almost a perfect mile around our cirlce and about a year ago before I stopped giving 2 shits I was up to walking 2 miles a few times a week.

My long and short term goals are as follows:

Lose 10 lbs by Labor Day Weekend

Lose 25 lbs by Christmas

Lose 50 lbs by Memorial Day Weekend

Lose 60 lbs by my 32nd birthday (July) and wear a bikini in public next summer

I know I can do this, I have done it before with focus and determination. I remember how good it felt when I saw my body tightening up and the lbs melting away. It didn’t get here over night and I know it isn’t going away overnight so I need to keep positive that I can and will do it. This time is for good….I have too much of my life left to spend it unhappy with myself.

Changing Gears

Since this is going to be used as my main blog for all weightloss/fitness ramblings, thought it would be best to post a few past posts from my personal blog to get everyone up to speed with my journey thus far.

It will keep you all up to speed with where I was at the time and is a part of where I am today…for better or for worse!