Uh…my snack is trying to tell me something

Fortune Cookie

I guess I know it’s REALLY time to get back on track when my afternoon snack tells me what I already should have known.

Tomorrow I have a date with Jillian….it’s been too long since we’ve hung out and sweat.


30 Day Shred Level 2, Day 6

Still sweating like a pig, so that must mean it’s working.  I actually look forward to =doing it when I get home and don’t put it off till 9pm.  That’s a plus.   A few thoughts popped into my head while I was working out….thought I’d share.

1)  How and why does Natalie keep her hair down during this DVD?  Mine is up off in a ponytail and I still look like I stuck my head under the faucet when I’m done.  That and the whole smile thing while doing double jump-ropes are kind of annoying me.

2) Is anyone doing double jump-ropes besides Natalie?  Seriously???

3) I am wishing there was more tricep work somehow in some of the squat sets, I feel like my rear arm jiggle hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves.  Thinking of switching to tricep extensions instead of the V raise things in the last circuit….not sure if I’ll do it or not yet.  Don’t want to mess with Jillians master plan.

Off day planned for tomorrow, pre-weekly weigh in, hoping for more than one pound loss this week to help reach my next goal….we’ll see how it goes.